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Goodwill hunting

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You know the people who always seem to find amazing things at thrift stores?  That’s usually never me.  I have gone to the Goodwill on Broadway at least three times in the past month, and the most exciting thing that I have picked up has been a glass Pyrex dish.  Yesterday, however, the thrift store gods seemed to be on my side.  I bought six items for $20 for my apartment, which I thought was pretty amazing.

I mostly picked up decorative items for above my sink.  It was truly a magical thrift store experience.  I walked up and down the aisles and in about ten minutes I had compiled this nicely coordinated set of items.

The entire look

The map printed shuffleboard box?  $2.99.  Well worth it.  Another favorite find was a pineapple glass holder that is now sitting on my living room shelf.

I also found a really cool picture that completely does not match my decorating scheme.  If I had any extra storage in my apartment, I actually would have bought it and kept it for the future.  Somebody should go get it though!

The colors were so great!

Unfortunately, I’m now basically done decorating my apartment.  I took my maps to a framing store today, and really all I have left to do is hang some curtains and get a desk.  My decorating and thrifting services are available if anyone is interested. I’m halfway kidding.  Now I can devote all of my free time to CrossFit and skiing!


Author: paulamahla

Typical Colorado girl that can't make up her mind. Trail running, hiking, climbing, camping, CrossFit, ultimate frisbee, and skiing? E, all of the above.

One thought on “Goodwill hunting

  1. i love your place, its so darling! great finds thrifting… where did you go? i also love that picture you couldn’t take home, i may just have to go back and get it 🙂

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