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Question about something I’ve done? Idea for the future? I’d love to hear from you!


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5 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Amazing account of your trip through RMNP!!! I am looking forward to beign there in June 7th to hike to Flattop and Hallet Peak.

    Any tips?


  2. Hi Paulamahla, love you notes about Moose! We have yorkie named Fenway and need a backpack like Moose’s for our hikes at Acadia, can you tell us the brand and where it was purchased?

  3. By the way young lady I just wanted to tell you that visiting your site was the inspiration behind my most recent vacation to Colorado! After seeing so many amazing pictures I decided to go visit there last week. I went to Estes Park with the plans of attempting Hallett Peak….but alas this poor NY boy who works behind a desk all day could only make it as far as Dream Lake……but I did take in other trails and was left in total awe! I also traveled to the Great Sand Dunes…..which were fantastic and then drove west towards Durango and spent a whole day at Mesa Verde seeing everyone of the Cliff dwellings. All I can say is you are responsible for this new love affair I have with Colorado and will be back to finish Hallett Peak and many more adventures…..on a side note all my prayers and thoughts go out to everyone affected by the storm which I got caught up in my last 48 hours there but managed to somehow stay one step ahead of the terrible outcome myself…..Peace

    Tony from New York

    • Sounds like an amazing Tour de Colorado Tony! So glad my pictures and blog helped inspire you, that’s so rad. 🙂 I find it fun myself too! And hey I see nothing wrong with having an excuse to return – Hallett Peak awaits you! Hope you get to come back soon.

      All the best, Paula

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