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Colorado 14ers

Like any good Colorado girl, I want to climb all 54 of Colorado’s peaks. During the summer of 2012, I decided I wanted to do them all by age 30, which gives me until 2017 to complete my goal. Let’s do this.

Summer 2013 Edit: My goals have kind of changed, due to my discovery of sub-14ers. I still want to do all the 14ers someday, but I have no official timeline. I love hiking peaks because it gets me eye level with the clouds and hanging out with the pikas. I care more about the experience of hiking than the label of 14er. Don’t get me wrong though, I hiked a 14er last weekend. I still love those darn things!

Current Count (as of 09/16/2013): 22/54 peaks bagged

Summer 2010

#1 Mount Sherman

#2 Mount Harvard

Summer 2011

#3 Mount Bierstadt

#4 Mount Elbert

#5 and #6 Greys and Torreys Peak

#7 Quandary Peak

#8 Castle Peak

Summer 2012

(No summit picture, long story.)

#9 Mount Evans

#10 Mount Massive

#11 Mount Princeton

#12 Huron Peak

#13 La Plata Peak

#14 and #15 Mount Shavano and Tabeguache Peak

#16 Longs Peak



#17 and #18 Mount Belford and Mount Oxford

Summer 2013


#19 Mount Yale

IMG_0482#20 Mt. Democrat

IMG_7078#21 Pikes Peak (Marathon)


#22 Mt. Holy Cross



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