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December Updates

I really can’t believe it’s December. Christmas is in 23 days?! I have no idea where this year has gone. In other news I have finally joined the 21st century and embraced online shopping. It’s the best. I will probably never go Christmas shopping in an actual store again. Traditionally I have waited until the week before Christmas and then scrambled around trying to compile decent presents for my loved ones (sorry guys!). This year? I’m basically done with my shopping thanks to the interwebz! And it has all been done in the comfort of my PJs while laying in bed.

Besides catching up with the times and using technology what else have I been up to lately?

Hanging out in Breckenridge a bit.

IMG_7830Evening sky over Breckenridge resort.

IMG_7826Morning walk with the dogs in Carter Park.

Graham is working up in Breckenridge for the next year, and so I visit whenever my schedule allows. It’s funny, Breckenridge was previously not my favorite town in the world, and I thought the mountain was always way too crowded for skiing. I’ve gotten to see a different side of Breckenridge thanks to Graham and I will say it has grown a lot on me. And hey, the free parking in the gondola lot after 2 p.m. is actually quite handy if you’re a local!

I recently had a fun time eating at Session Kitchen on Thanksgiving Eve with a group of girlfriends.

It’s a new place on South Pearl Street in Denver, and it really set the bar high for actual Thanksgiving. Favorites included lamb collar, french fries and a delicious beet salad.

IMG_7841Denver friends go immediately!

I scored some Patagonia beer.

I like Patagonia gear. I like beer. When Patagonia recently teamed up with New Belgium to make a limited edition beer I knew I had to find some. I tracked some down in Denver at Argonaut and was pretty impressed with the beer! It’s a mighty fine lager. And the cans are just the coolest!

IMG_7802Patagucci beer.

I laid around at a cabin for a weekend.

After spending Thanksgiving with Graham’s family in town I reluctantly headed to work on Black Friday. Luckily, I don’t work in retail, so it was actually just a quiet, productive day in the office. Plus I was heading up to Grand Lake after work for a relaxing weekend at the cabin, so I had that to look forward to!

IMG_7797Lake Granby a few weeks ago.

I mostly spent my time drinking margaritas, reading in front of the fire and going on dog walks. On Saturday afternoon, Graham, his sister and I headed to ski Mary Jane for the first time of the season. MJ, which is the best part of Winter Park, had just opened earlier in the week, and we headed there with pretty low expectations. We were all kind of shocked when we found tons of terrain with huge moguls already developed.

IMG_7856Crazy good bump skiing for November 30.

I had my first two falls of the season on some moguls, naturally. No pain no Jane!

nopainnojane-2Breckenridge, Session Kitchen, Patagonia beer, and cabin time…I guess that really sums up life lately! I’m not upset that’s what my life consists of right now. I’ll leave you with Cooper, my current cell phone background. That dog! He should have been a model.

IMG_7857Happy December!



March Madness

Remember that time when I actually wrote blog entries on a moderately regular basis? Yeah me too. I don’t even want to think about how low my Klout score probably is right now! I guess I’ve just been going through one of those periods where my real life has been trumping my internet life. It has also been hard to be motivated to write a blog entry when I know I can never top the Keep Your Heart Open entry of 2013. We all know it’s true and I’ve already come to terms with it, don’t worry.

The last four weeks of my life have definitely been March Madness indeed. The highlights:

  • Moving. A pretty major distraction was definitely the fact that I recently moved. Actually it’s probably a good thing I haven’t been blogging. It may or may not have ended up being just a lot of whining about moving. To make a long story short I found out at the last minute that I was moving out of my old house a month earlier than planned. I somehow kind of pulled it together and completely moved out in a week and a half. To be fair, I had a ton of help from some of the amazing people in my life. I definitely could have never done it alone!

    photoStill not quite settled in at the new house – but hey my new comforter looks great!

  • Country music. I have been going through this really confusing time in my life where I have gradually been accepting the fact that I like country music. I was actually looking up tour dates for Florida Georgia Line the other day, and you don’t want to know how many times I listened to “Sure Be Cool If You Did” by Blake Shelton while teleworking on Monday. I can’t fight it anymore.

    I admit that I love this song.

  • Mary Jane. I had the chance to ski Mary Jane for the first time in March and I was impressed. The mountain was a blast, the views were great, and the ski traffic was nothing compared to what I am accustomed to battling. I have had the Epic Local Pass (Keystone, Breckenridge, Vail, Beaver Creek and ABasin) for the past three years, and after skiing MJ I kind of decided that I was ready for something new. I’m officially switching to the Rocky Mountain SuperPass next year which gives me Winter Park/Mary Jane and Copper plus six days at Steamboat and three days at Monarch. I’ll probably also throw in a four-pack at Keystone and ABasin because old habits die hard. Plus let’s not forget how much fun I had at Copper in February! I’m already excited for next ski season.

    photo-1Mary Jane trees are kind of awesome.

  • Marathon. After taking a five month break from running I signed up for the Pikes Peak Marathon. I might be crazy. No seriously, this is the first race I’ve ever signed up for where I have actually thought that there was a legitimate chance I might not cross the finish line. The Pikes Peak Marathon is definitely a whole different ballgame compared to the Chicago Marathon I ran in 2011. Luckily I know some really awesome runners here in Colorado. I consulted my go-to running guru Jerry who helped me construct a loose training schedule, and as long as I don’t get too distracted by rock climbing I think I will be able to do it! Feel free to come watch me suffer on August 18.

m_google_earthSlightly terrified when I look at this picture.

So far April is shaping up to be a lot more low key than March, and I’m really okay with that. It’s nice to only be living in one house again! Also I was finally able to get back to climbing tonight after a month long hiatus due to a strained tendon. It’s amazing how much I missed climbing on walls the past four weeks. And hey, I was still able to climb an easy 5.10, so I am hopeful that I didn’t lose too much ground.

photo-2On the wall again.