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Review: PUMA Mobium Athletic Shoes and Apparel


Reviewing products on my blog is a new thing for me. While I regularly read other friends’ blogs that review cool (and let’s be real sometimes not so cool) products, I’ve never made a huge effort to try and review products on my blog. However when Graham’s cousin encouraged me to apply to be selected for a PUMA sample and share via CrowdTap I decided I had nothing to lose.

A few weeks later a box of PUMA gear showed up on my doorstep, and I was pretty excited to check out their gear. I’m primarily a runner, and to be honest PUMA is not the first brand I think of when I think of running. But it seems like PUMA is trying to up their game in the running world, and I’m always one to try out new things! Anyway, included in the box were:

  • PUMA Mobium Elite Running Shoes
  • PUMA Short Sleeve Tech Top
  • PUMA Reflective Running Jacket
  • PUMA Performance Bodywear Tech ACTV Endurance Tights

photo-2This jacket? Seriously styling.

Like any girl, I immediately tried all of the gear on and took a picture.

IMG_7811Subtle, right?

PUMA sent me some fun colors that all matched really well. I definitely liked the look of the bright pink tights with the dark gray jacket. I’ve never really doubted that PUMA can provide fashionable clothing. I’ve also never really used PUMA in functional settings.

I was initially the most impressed with the tights. It’s hard to tell from the picture above but they have compression like lining that matches up with the muscles in your legs. Did I put them on incorrectly the first time? You bet!

photo-3The tights inside out. The shiny stuff is the compression lining.

The tights

Over the next few weeks I wore my PUMA gear in a variety of settings. I took the tights with me everywhere. My tights and I went bouldering, running, CrossFitting and even skiing (they were my base layer). We had a lot of adventures together! I got a ton of compliments on the bright color, and they were super comfortable. I did not feel any physical effects from the compression lining but I do think it makes the tights more flattering. I also own a pair of Adidas running tights, and the PUMA tights are just as good if not better than my Adidas ones.

IMG_7776Chilling in my PUMA tights on the ski lift. Great baselayer!

The jacket

I also took the jacket everywhere. The jacket fit snug but not in a bad way – just in a sassy, fashionable way that my life could probably use. It’s certainly more fitted than any other running jacket I have owned. It was the perfect weight for keeping me warm during the warm-up lap at CrossFit and throwing over a baselayer for a morning run. The geometric design was functional, and the jacket has some major reflective power to keep me safe running at night.

The shoes

Admittedly I am a hard sell on any pair of running shoes. I have run in exclusively Saucony shoes for the past ten years, so I’m a bit selective. Regardless, I knew I had to give the shoes a fair shot so I decided to test them out at a Boulder Running Company speed work session last week.

1441533_575944659143251_1392419617_nPhoto blatantly stolen from the BRC Nella’s Wednesday Night Run Facebook page. Thanks guys!

The reason I decided to test them out at BRC speed work was because we run laps on a 1.4 mile loop around a lake by the store. Read: There was an option to bail! I put the shoes on in the store before the run and immediately noticed that they were very uncomfortable for me in the heel. I whined a lot to Heidi, who is at least used to listening to my whining during runs. I was really hoping for the best and giving these shoes the benefit of the doubt. “Maybe they’ll feel better when I run!”

Unfortunately, I was let down by the Mobium Elites. They became even more painful during the first lap around the lake as we continued to run, and I had to bail and switch back to my normal running shoes. Technically I did only run in the shoes for 1.4 miles. Maybe they would have been better had I “broken them in” more. However, I don’t really believe in breaking in shoes before using them. The best way to break in shoes is to run in them. If you can’t run in them, that’s an issue.

I think a lot of the discomfort comes from the strange band that PUMA uses in the Mobium Elites. The shoe includes an elastic Mobium Band than runs through the outside of the sole of the shoe in a figure eight, and apparently just like your foot’s tendons, the more force you apply with each step, the more spring the band gives in response! The heel is exaggerated in the shoe for the band, I guess, which makes it awkward to run in. (I’m a forefoot runner if that matters to anyone.) As a runner, I’m ultimately just confused. It’s not really a minimal shoe, it’s not a normal supportive shoe and it’s not ultra cushiony like the Hoka One Ones and I have no idea what PUMA is going for.

On a positive note, I did really enjoy the styling and the bright orange color!



So today I think we all learned an important lesson. We learned about some cool running tights, some not cool running shoes and why Paula has probably never been chosen by a company to do a review. Sorry not sorry! If I’m going to review a product on my blog, it is going to 100% be my honest opinion. I can’t not be honest. This might be my first and last review, thanks for tuning in for this historic event!

I was actually quite impressed with the apparel I received from PUMA. I would definitely not ever write off PUMA as a running apparel brand. I felt it was on par with other running brands and earned extra bonus points for being as stylish as it was functional. Those shoes were a different story. I wanted to like them. Really. I’m just not convinced PUMA is there as a running shoe brand yet. I would love to see them turn it around and would be happy to help consult on a revised pair of running shoes! Did I mention I loved the tights?!

  • PUMA Mobium Elite Running Shoes – 0/10
  • PUMA Short Sleeve Tech Top – 7/10
  • PUMA Reflective Running Jacket – 9/10
  • PUMA Performance Bodywear Tech ACTV Endurance Tights – 10/10

0 = I would never spend my own money on this

5 = I would maybe buy this on sale

10 = I would absolutely pay full price for this

DIsclaimer: I received the items mentioned in this blog courtesy of PUMA.


Author: paulamahla

Typical Colorado girl that can't make up her mind. Trail running, hiking, climbing, camping, CrossFit, ultimate frisbee, and skiing? E, all of the above.

2 thoughts on “Review: PUMA Mobium Athletic Shoes and Apparel

  1. I got called into a meeting about a year ago that included a higher-up from one of the major brands and asked to try on a pair of soon-to-be-released shoes. I ran a few minutes, came back, and was asked to provide “honest” feedback. Not knowing any of the technical lingo, I said the shoe made it feel like my foot was backwards. I haven’t been asked to try on shoes since.

  2. i love love LOVE the tights too – they look great on ya! and kudos for an honest review 🙂

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