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Pikes Peak Marathon: Training Update #3

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It’s hard to believe that I have already been officially training for the Pikes Peak Marathon for three weeks. That means that the marathon is less than 100 days away, which is a truly terrifying thought. That also means that the Mt. Evans Ascent is in three weeks, another terrifying thought. Luckily, I still feel like I have mostly been on track with my training. I know that I can’t take shortcuts on training for either of these races so I’m trying to bite the bullet and just do it.

In quick non-running related news I got a pair of new climbing shoes last weekend! Here’s a lesson for you all from your Aunt Paula: don’t repeatedly leave your climbing shoes in your car after long, sweaty climbing sessions. They will start to smell. And they will smell so bad that you will have to get a new pair of climbing shoes because you simply cannot wear them around other people anymore. Big lesson there. Anyway, I am now the owner of a pair of La Sportiva Katanas! They are definitely more of a performance climbing shoe than I was using previously (5.10 Sirens), but I tried them out last Monday and loved them.

photo-4Excitement for the Katanas.


Monday – Bouldering session during lunch, then an evening redemption run! I made up the hill repeat workout from Nick that I bonked on last week. 20 minute warm-up at Green Mountain on the trails and then 4 x 5 minute hill repeats running 5 minutes up at 10K pace and jogging back down for recovery. It was pretty brutal but definitely a good workout.

photo-3Killer sunset on the drive back from Green Mountain.

Tuesday – 5 mile run on the High Line Canal with Laci, my Wild West Relay co-captain. It’s so nice to be getting back in running shape and to have five miles feel nice and easy. We also did an ab workout afterward.

603492_572696460794_1876634228_nLaci, me and Jenna after WWR last year. 2nd place medals!

Wednesday – Rest day. Duck poutine,  chicken and waffles and sour beer were calling my name at Euclid Hall.

photo-2Thursday – Oh you know, another rest day? Oops. In my defense I was exhausted and had a long run planned for Friday.

Friday – Long run at the Incline/Barr Trail! I started with the Incline which I got up in 39:04. I had wanted to break 38 minutes but it was also exactly noon and super hot so I will cut myself some slack. I then continued up the Barr Trail past the Incline but ended up turning around earlier than planned because I went through my entire water supply faster than anticipated. I got back down to the parking lot after an hour and 40 minutes, which was short of my original goal of at least 2 hours on my feet. Plan B: the Garden of the Gods. I refilled my water bottle and then finished the last 20 minutes of my run at the Garden of the Gods. My plan B running plan is someone else’s annual vacation. Pretty lucky girl here.

photo-1photoSaturday – Does picking up a race packet from Mile High Stadium count as a workout? No? Okay darn. Another rest day for the books.

Sunday – Leg 3 of the Colfax Marathon Relay! I ran on a charity team running for the Chill Foundation, which is a super cool organization that helps at-risk and underserved youth have a chance to snowboard. Even though I am a skier at heart I still think it is an awesome organization. I was even willing to run in a race for Chill! You may have noticed I’m not exactly entering races every other week here. Anyway, I have done relay races (e.g. the Wild West Relay and the Epic Relay) before but I have never done a relay race as short and urban as the Colfax Marathon Relay. It was semi-challenging to figure out how to get to the relay exchange but don’t worry I got there with five minutes to spare. My teammate handed the baton to me and off I went down beautiful Colfax Avenue! My leg was interesting…and I seriously ran right by Casa Bonita? It was kind of weird to be running next to marathoners and relay racers simultaneously because it was difficult to pace correctly. I’m sure the marathoners LOVED having us relay racers whiz by them too. I ended up running my 5.6 miles at 7:50 mile pace, which I was happy about. Let’s just say that my roommates and I had a housewarming barbeque on Saturday so I was perhaps not completely well rested and refreshed.

photoMolly has a great idea for the course next year! You hear Run Colfax organizers?

WEEKLY TOTAL – I don’t have a fancy Garmin so this is a complete estimate but 23 miles for the week? My goals for next week are definitely to take less rest days and to get my long run up to 2:15-2:30. Also huge thank you for bearing with me through these training blog entries (Hi Mom!). It honestly is just helping me be accountable. And write blog entries regularly again. Win win?


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  1. i like your training updates!

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