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Pikes Peak Marathon: Training Update #2


It was just another typical week around here – you know I drank a lot of coffee, went on some runs and signed up for another really ambitious mountain race with lots of altitude gain. My summer race schedule might now include the Mt. Evans Ascent, the Wild West Relay and the Pikes Peak Marathon. Pretty casual.

My blogger/Twitter friend Heidi emailed me this past Thursday and asked if I wanted to do a bib transfer for her friend Piper who could no longer run the Mt Evans Ascent. I thought about it for two seconds and then immediately accepted! The Mt. Evans Ascent, also known as America’s highest road race, is a 14.5 mile race up the road to the summit of Mt. Evans with about 4,000 feet of elevation gain. It’s going down on Saturday, June 15. I figure if nothing else it will be a great training run for the Pikes Peak Marathon. It should also be fun since Heidi is running it along with our other blogger/Twitter friend Lynne. You know your life is great when you are copied on an email that includes this: “Guess what Lynne?! Paula has lost her freaking mind! She’s running Evans with us!” Lost my freaking mind, yep that’s about right.

Anyway, in addition to signing up for more races I did do some actual training this week. It’s possible that my Week #1 was a little overambitious after taking so much time off from seriously running, so I definitely had to do more recovering this week than I would have liked. I have a feeling it will all pay off in Week #3 though!


Monday – 30 minutes of bouldering on my lunch break. Five mile run at upper Mt. Falcon in the evening. Felt okay.

Tuesday 1.5 miles at Green Mountain! Originally planned to take Tuesday as a rest day, but instead decided to meet Nick (@fxdgear) and some other runners for hill repeats at Green Mountain. Couldn’t find the parking lot, made them all wait for me. Then absolutely died on the warm-up and called it quits. Totally not embarrassing at all, nope. My legs were not on the same page as the rest of my body. Went home and drank wine, so it all worked out.


Wednesday – Rest day! Saw the Rockies play the Yankees for a $1.


Thursday – Rest day again! Two days in one week is okay right? I actually probably would not have taken a rest day on Thursday under normal circumstances but I had tickets to see Zac Brown Band at Red Rocks so you know there was that. ZBB > Pikes Peak Marathon, sorry not sorry.


Friday – 2 hours of bouldering and climbing at Thrillseekers with Anne and Fran. Followed by 150 sit-ups. I believe in fun cross training activities!

Saturday – 2 hours of Mt. Sanitas in Boulder. My Wild West Relay teammate Jeremy (who is also a legit ultrarunner) organized a 12 hour run at Mt. Sanitas this past Saturday. I thought 2 hours would be sufficient for me. Had no idea that Mt. Sanitas = the Incline of Boulder. 1255 elevation gain in 1.8 miles. Summited twice in 2 hours for 7.2 miles with total elevation gain of ~2500 feet and loss of ~2500 feet. Graham and Cooper ran the first lap with me, but I was on my own the second. 10 minutes into the second lap I really thought I was going to have to turn around early but I kept pushing and made it.

photo-9photo-10Summit #2!

Sunday – Easy three mile recovery run on the Highline Canal. Passed a pony on the sidewalk. Typical Cherry Hills Village.

TOTAL – ~17 miles

It’s a good thing I already  decided that I do not care about mileage totals. However, my goal for next week is definitely more mileage and less rest days!


Author: paulamahla

Typical Colorado girl that can't make up her mind. Trail running, hiking, climbing, camping, CrossFit, ultimate frisbee, and skiing? E, all of the above.

3 thoughts on “Pikes Peak Marathon: Training Update #2

  1. You have lost your mind… 🙂

    We ran 3.5 up Mt Evans yesterday – a good confidence booster. I was really nervous about making the 9mile cut off after multiple hilly trail runs, but getting on paved road with a more steady incline – a lot easier than trails!

    So, basically – we are all nuts, but we’ve got this!

  2. i want to run sanitas next time too! glutton for pain 🙂

    so glad you’re running with us!! also, as i was riding the train up pikes peak, i thought how i never ever want to run the marathon you’re doing!

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