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Back in the saddle


Blogging, like exercise, is apparently one of those things that’s really easy to stop doing. As soon as you let yourself skip writing that one entry you meant to do it’s suddenly easy to find a million excuses to not blog. It’s basically the technological form of skipping the gym to go home and watch The Voice on your couch. But I have good news for my loyal readers – I’m back in the gym pumping iron again!

I’m not going to make any excuses for not blogging. I’m no busier than you are and I have really just been lazy. Let’s move on – we have a lot to catch up on. After all, I’ve had a lot of free time since I’ve not been blogging! Highlights of the past few weeks have included skiing on Veteran’s Day, spending a weekend in St. Louis to visit one of my dearest college friends Alex and flying to New Orleans this past weekend for Thanksgiving with my family. In between I’ve been kicking it in Denver with CrossFit and rock climbing because my extended break from running is totally still in effect.

1 / Veteran’s Day skiing at Keystone 2 / Gorillas at the St. Louis Zoo 3 / Schlafly Pumpkin Ale from STL 4 / Nighttime run with Alex and the world’s largest flashlight 5 / Fresh satsuma in Louisiana 6 / Real World New Orleans house 7 / Harper Lexington 8 / Beignets and cafe au lait 9 / Anna Karenina

I guess the most life altering event that has happened over the past few weeks has been the fact that I got tattoo number three on my wrist. Oh yeah, that minor thing. I played a fun game during Thanksgiving with my family called “Let’s See How Long It Takes Mom To Notice My New Tattoo” but my mom definitely won that game. She was barely fazed and noticed within hours. I had been hoping it would have been a little bit more of a dramatic reveal. I guess my family is just used to my crazy tattooed ways these days.

I got the tattoo while visiting Alex in St. Louis as we have a bad habit of wanting to get piercings or tattoos whenever we hang out. I now owe two of my ear piercings (also one failed tragus piercing) and two of my tattoos to hanging out with Alex! That’s what I call a quality influence.

I’ve been wanting a wrist tattoo for years because I love them, and I recently decided on the word “beloved.”  It has nothing to do with the book by Toni Morrison and everything to do with what I’ve been trying to learn recently. The tattoo serves as a reminder to me that I am enough in God’s eyes and I don’t need relationships or things to complete me. I’m already beloved. And I could definitely use a daily reminder of this.

Live in awareness of your belovedness.

So that’s been my life in a nutshell: getting tattoos, eating beignets and not blogging. The usual. Although the “not blogging” part is hopefully not usual. I’m back!


Author: paulamahla

Typical Colorado girl that can't make up her mind. Trail running, hiking, climbing, camping, CrossFit, ultimate frisbee, and skiing? E, all of the above.

3 thoughts on “Back in the saddle

  1. LOVE the tat. And everything about it. And your cute nails. 🙂

  2. I THOUGHT I saw that tat when I picked you up…but I thought I was just ignorant of it being there before! I LOVE it! haha.

  3. i’m glad your back to blogging! i’ve missed reading about your crazy adventures. 🙂 i really like your tattoo, too. great reasoning behind it and it’s pretty!

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