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Colorado could use some love right now


I originally had an entry ready to publish about a weekend hike. But I can’t post it. Because you want to know what’s really important in my life right now? The devastation that is occurring in my Colorado backyard. I could care less about my own silly adventures in the mountains. What I care about is my cousin who lives in Boulder and was issued a pre-evacuation notice due to the Flagstaff Fire. I care about my college friend who is a nurse in Colorado Springs and was put on emergency stand-by alert. I care about my co-worker who commutes to my office everyday from Colorado Springs. I care about my grad school friend who is watching her hometown burn from afar.

Waldo Canyon Fire. Photo credit: @DanCMos

It’s been a bad wildfire season already. The High Park Fire outside of Fort Collins has been terrible. But as of this week the wildfires have started getting personal. And while (other than air quality) the fires aren’t threatening Denver directly, it’s a close-knit community along the Front Range. Boulder is only 25 miles away and Colorado Springs just an hour South of Denver. I have many people that I care about in both places. It’s my friends, family and co-workers that are being affected.

The whole situation is just surreal right now. I ran in the Garden of the Gods 10 Miler race two weeks ago, and now the Garden of the Gods is currently closed due to the fire. I was in Boulder just a week and a half ago for a welcome back party for my cousin. Today as I was driving home from work I literally said “Oh my god” out loud to myself as I rounded the corner on Santa Fe and got a glimpse of the smoke rising from the Boulder foothills. It’s just devastating to watch your home state be destroyed.

Garden of the Gods 10 miler on June 10.

The Garden of the Gods on June 26.

I can only imagine how those who have lost homes are feeling right now, and I have never wanted to cry more while watching an evening newscast. It’s utterly heartbreaking. 32,000 people were evacuated from Colorado Springs. I don’t really have any answer or any words of wisdom. I always want this blog to be true to my life, and this unfortunately is my life at the moment. At this point I can only pray and hope for everyone’s safety in the Springs, Boulder and across the state.

Picture from my high school friend’s family’s neighborhood in the Springs.

While we’re at it though, Fourth of July is absolutely and totally cancelled this year. If I see anyone in the entire state of Colorado buying or shooting off fireworks, I will go ninja on them. I love this place and its people too much for any more destruction to occur due to fires.

Colorado could use some love right now. Pray for Colorado.


Author: paulamahla

Typical Colorado girl that can't make up her mind. Trail running, hiking, climbing, camping, CrossFit, ultimate frisbee, and skiing? E, all of the above.

7 thoughts on “Colorado could use some love right now

  1. Twin,

    As usual, the East has been sheltered from a lot of these images. Thank you for sharing, even though I know it was painful to write about. I am sending my love over to your state. Big hugs, wish there was more to do. xo

  2. absolutely devastating – i said the same thing when i caught sight of the smoke from boulder. and from COS – we can see the smoke from my office building… in the tech center. 😦

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  4. I too had another post in the works, but it felt so trivial. This is sad…

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  6. Good post Paula – you know my heart is aching for a state that means a lot to me also. I hope Jen and all of your friends and coworkers continue to be personally alright.

  7. It is so scary. And I’m not exactly threatened by it right now…I feel so sad for everyone who is directly effected! We need rain!

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