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I helped make these shoes

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One of my all-time favorite graduate school memories has to be the time that my friends and I flew to New Orleans to go to the Railroad Revival Tour featuring Old Crow Medicine Show, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes and Mumford and Sons.  I mean it’s hard to choose my favorite graduate school memory between all the hanging out at mansions and weekly wine night dinner parties but the New Orleans trip definitely makes the top five list.

The Railroad Revival Tour was a super cool concept in which all three bands rode around on trains and jammed for a few weeks in the South, stopping at different cities along the way.  New Orleans was the finale, and my friends and I made some excellent life decisions during finals week last March.  Like randomly buying tickets for a 48 hour trip to New Orelans for the concert.  You only live once right?

French Market in NOLA.

At the concert. Note the train in the background!

Anyway, this trip was really fun and these ladies are some of my favorite people in the world but there is another very important reason I’m bringing up New Orleans nearly a year after it happened: shoes.  At the tour, there was a Toms booth where they allowed all of the concert attendees to help paint a canvas mural.  Of course my friends and I did our part.

I follow the Railroad Revival Tour on Facebook, and today I found out that Toms made shoes out of the murals from the concert series.  That’s right, my friends and I all contributed to making a pair of Toms.  I kind of think this is really awesome.

I have never wanted a pair of shoes more in my entire life.

I think it is so awesome that Toms made shoes out of these murals, not only because the concept of Toms is great (get a pair, give a pair) but also because that trip meant so much to me.  I’m not sure graduate school is suppose to be as fun as it was for me and my friends.  We kind of lived in this crazy fantasy world for a few years that I wouldn’t take back for anything.  Even though we have all gone our separate ways now, which has basically equated to Paula staying Colorado and everyone leaving, the friends I made in graduate school have forever changed my life for the better.  And I definitely need a pair of shoes to commemorate such important people in my life, right?  Plus pink and blue are totally my colors.


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