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Balancing act


I was talking on the phone with my mom the other night, after getting home at basically 10:00 p.m., and she brought to my attention the fact that I have something going on every single minute of my day.  This is pretty true.  And as the person living my life, I sometimes don’t have the perspective to see how crazy I optionally make my life unless someone else points it out to me.  I truly just can’t choose between my many different interests and hobbies!  For example, I’m currently in an ultimate frisbee league, training for a marathon and doing CrossFit on the side. In any given week, there are up to three different run clubs that I could go to if I had the time.  In the next month I’m adding English tutoring and a church softball team.  When I had a free Saturday a couple weeks ago, I seriously didn’t know what to do with myself.  Free time is a slightly foreign concept to me. I actually called my brother in Virginia to ask him for some pointers on free time.

Balanced rocks in my yard.  I could learn some tricks from these guys!

Anyway, last night, I went straight from the office to work out, stopped at home for five minutes to change out of my sweaty T-shirt, went to  young adults at my church, and ran around Washington Park afterwards.  Then, I called my mom.  She perhaps had a very valid point about my schedule.

Who wants to give up time with pink weights?  Not this girl.

Now for the million dollar question: am I too busy?  I think the answer is no.  As long as I am enjoying everything I am doing, there is no reason to cut back on my activities.  However, this is definitely a very grey area, and I need to ensure that I am not burning myself out.  At my young adult group last night we talked about how your 20s are primarily for learning.  Learning the hard way, learning through experience and learning what works for you.  Right now I think I’m learning that being busy is doable as long as I maintain balance.  Tonight I got home at 8 p.m., which is early for me, and I took some time to relax, do laundry, drink a glass of wine and play with some nail polish.  I might be a Colorado girl but I’m still a girl!

Teal and copper glitter = really cool.

Wine corner of the kitchen.  (Disclaimer: Not all mine! I live with two other people, don’t worry.)

Anyway, this rambling post is sort of going somewhere, I’m discovering that being busy is okay.  It’s not like it doesn’t run in the family.  I know for a fact that my mom has line dancing tomorrow night and a 14 mile hike on the books for this weekend!  If anything, I’m grateful that I have so many things in my life that are demanding my time.  It’s a wonderful problem to have too many things that you love to do.  I think the key is in finding balance.  For me, busyness is fine as long as I’m having fun and remembering to take a wine night every once in awhile.  Besides, I still consider myself on perma-vacation.  Tomorrow I’m headed to Breckenridge after work to hang out with Cayce and some of his friends and ski on Friday.  Busy life is not bad life.


Author: paulamahla

Typical Colorado girl that can't make up her mind. Trail running, hiking, climbing, camping, CrossFit, ultimate frisbee, and skiing? E, all of the above.

3 thoughts on “Balancing act

  1. i struggle with this, too. in addition to my “quiet time,” i try to sit still for five minutes every day and thank god for his blessings.

  2. love that nail polish! nothing wrong with being busy, nobody likes too much time on their hands!

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