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Surviving the Snowpocalypse

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In high school I thought snow days were the coolest thing ever.  Little did I know that snow days only get better when you get older!  The pending Snowpocalypse was really all that I heard about last week.  However, usually the more hype that there is surrounding a snowstorm, the less it delivers.  Luckily, the Denver Snowpocalypse, to my delight, did not disappoint.  When I woke up Friday morning, the first thing that I did was call my office’s snow hotline.  The verdict?   Snow day!

Snowpocalypse aftermath.  Truly impressive amounts of snow!

Weirdly enough the snow dumped on Denver but grazed over the mountains.  I have a policy of not skiing Breckenridge on weekends (too crowded!) so I decided to take advantage of my snow day and do a little bit of skiing.  Of course the skiing occurred after I spent an hour shoveling my car out of the snow.  The city of Denver decided to plow my street for the first time ever, which created a two foot wall of snow conveniently in front of my parking space.   Breckenridge was okay, but I was more anxious to hit Eldora Mountain with my friend Melissa on Sunday.  While Breckenridge claimed just 2 inches from the Snowpocalypse storm, Eldora got 31 inches.  I spent a cozy Friday evening with takeout food, my friend Britt and Lost Season 1.  I joined Britt at episode 6, and we made it to episode 13 before calling it a night.

New favorite show!  I’m six years behind America, it’s cool.

On Saturday morning I didn’t want to even attempt to run outside, thanks Snowpocalypse, and I headed to CrossFit for a morning workout.  My favorite baby in the world was there, Reece, which made it totally worth it.

He starts snowboarding in 2014.  I’m already stoked.

A chill Saturday evening was spent eating burgers at Cherry Cricket and bowling.  I had to get to bed at a reasonable time for the big day at Eldora!  Funny enough Eldora was actually the site of my first skiing experience ever in 2009.  I had no real memories of the resort other than the bunny slopes, and I was ready to experience the rest of Eldora.  Melissa and I had heard that the parking lot at Eldora had been full by 10 a.m. on Saturday morning, and we left Denver by 7 a.m. in order to prevent this from happening to us on Sunday.

Pretty drive through the Boulder Canyon.

Good morning bluebird skies!

When going to Disney World and ski resorts there is something important to remember: head for the good stuff first.  Melissa and I immediately headed for the Corona Lift at Eldora, which services some of the longer, more advanced runs.  Like Space Mountain, the Corona Lift did not let us down.  The snow at Eldora was some of the best snow that I have skied on all season, and Melissa and I had a blast.

So pretty.

Fresh snow under our feet.

Snow on the trees = all is right with the universe.

Powder enthusiasts.

Eldora is a bit overlooked at times since it is off the main I-70 corridor where most of the ski resorts are located.  Thanks to the Snowpocalypse I have a newfound appreciation for Eldora.  The Denver Snowpocalypse was basically a win.  I got a snow day, discovered my love for Lost and learned that sometimes friends don’t let friends drive I-70.

Can Snowpocalypse happen every week?


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