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12 mile Tuesday

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I think marathon number two is turning out to be far harder than marathon number one.  The reason?  I have no excuse to be a wimp.  I mean I’ve already proven to myself that I am capable of running the distance.  Marathon number two is basically just a total mental battle.

Last week I missed my 10 mile run, although it wasn’t entirely my fault.  I tried to run a 10 on Friday, but I happened to be running in the middle of a snowstorm on an icy path.  Naturally I fell and scraped my knee, so I called it a day after 4 miles.  This week, I knew that I needed to hit a 12 mile run.  I don’t actually follow a set training plan since I like to be flexible and play it by ear.  And so I randomly found myself deciding that Tuesday night would be the perfect time for this run.

I would wear my fanny pack every day if possible.

I’m definitely a night runner.  My theory on life is that I can either wake up at 5 a.m., run in the dark, and crash around 10 a.m. in my office or I can just run after work also in the dark.  I try to be smart about it though.  Please note the stylish headlamp and the white jacket with reflectors!

The biggest downside to running at night is that I have to limit where I run.  Tonight I took my usual 6 mile loop from my house and then finished with three laps around Washington Park.  I hate running laps.  I especially hate running laps around Wash Park.  I definitely was playing some head games on my second and third laps.  To make matters worse I was completely out of my favorite energy gels, and I was forced to run with a strawberry Clif energy shot that was pretty brutal.

There are good energy gels out there. This is not one of them. Ew.

Luckily my “Black and Yellow” Pandora Station came through for me and played some great jams.  Because I don’t believe in running with headphones at night (or ever) everyone else on the Wash Park running path also got to enjoy the “Black and Yellow” station, which was playing on the speaker of my iPhone.  In addition to listening to some great music, I also have learned to appreciate long runs for the quality time I get to just reflect on running and life in general.  Tonight’s deep conclusion?  I feel pretty lucky that I can randomly decide to run 12 miles on a Tuesday night and make it through the run.  I feel even luckier given the minor scare I had this past weekend with a potential injury.  It’s important to appreciate all runs, even the less glamourous training runs that involve laps around Wash Park.  Here’s to 14 mile Friday next week!


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Typical Colorado girl that can't make up her mind. Trail running, hiking, climbing, camping, CrossFit, ultimate frisbee, and skiing? E, all of the above.

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