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26.2 take two


It’s official.  I have started training for my second marathon.  I can’t even complain about it this time.  Not only am I doing this fully knowing what I am getting into but I wanted to run another marathon.  So much so that I actually asked for the marathon entry fee for a graduation present.  Who does that?!  Apparently me.

Anyway, I am now pretty sure that there is no good time to run a marathon.  I hated training for a fall marathon (the word hate might be a bit dramatic but you get the idea) because I refused to give up any summer weekends hiking or playing in the mountains.  Admittedly the time that I ran 6 miles a mere three hours before leaving for a midnight 14er was a bad idea.  But overall, I think cross training worked fairly well for me.  I never ran more than 30 miles a week, and I ended up with a respectable 4:06 in the Chicago Marathon this past fall.

I wish all these folks were running this marathon with me too!

Now, training for the Colorado Marathon, which is May 6, I am not sure that spring is great timing for a marathon either.  I refuse to give up any ski weekends, so this will be interesting.  My theory on these things is you just have to sign up and do it.  Did I ever want to run the Chicago Marathon?  Of course not!  It was completely peer pressure from my college friends.  And so I am signed up for the Colorado Marathon.  And this time I have goals!  I’m planning on taking things a bit more seriously, and I want to hit a 3:45. 

I don’t like to follow set marathon “plans,” but I will be incorporating some track workouts for sure.  I will also be doing higher mileage.  We’re probably not talking 100 mile weeks here, but I’m thinking 50-60 at peak training.  I’m excited, because the race will be a completely different scene from the Chicago Marathon.  The Chicago Marathon was 40,000 people, and the Colorado Marathon is capped at 1,000.  The Chicago Marathon course takes you throughout the city, and the Colorado Marathon starts with 17 miles along the Poudre Canyon.  Did I also mention the gradual descent of the Colorado Marathon?  Three beautiful words: net elevation loss.

The one downside to the Colorado Marathon is that this time I won’t have a huge group of my college friends doing it too.  There’s always next year!  Or this summer.  I’m strongly considering the Aspen Trail Marathon at the end of August.  Three months is a reasonable amount of time between marathons right?


Author: paulamahla

Typical Colorado girl that can't make up her mind. Trail running, hiking, climbing, camping, CrossFit, ultimate frisbee, and skiing? E, all of the above.

4 thoughts on “26.2 take two

  1. eeeeee! this video gave me goosebumps! so excited!

  2. Chicago 2011 was a great race, despite it being a little warmer than I prefer. Glad to know you’re going for a second marathon — jealous that you’re doing Colorado. I’ve had that on my short list for a while but other commitments (aka, other races) always seem to get in the way. Good luck ramping up to it!

  3. I suppose you could always jog to work to prepare for this… but who wants to deal with a stinky co-worker eh? :chuckle: I have all the confidence in the world that you will do great! I am so proud of you~!!!

  4. Paula! You’re a crazy person. And 3:45?! Damn girl! I’m sure you’ll hit it though. 🙂 Enjoy the beginning of training!

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