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If I could be paid to antique shop and peruse the housewares aisle of Goodwill for treasures I would be the happiest girl alive.  So basically I want to be a 70 year old woman.  I’m about 50 years off still, but I found a few awesome pieces at the Goodwill on Broadway today.

I spent the early afternoon studying at Rooster and Moon, one of my favorite new coffee shops in Denver.  It’s especially great on Sundays because it’s probably the only coffee shop in the world with a big screen TV.  I was able to watch the Broncos kill the Chiefs today and work on my policy project at the same time!  Anyway, after the Broncos game was over, I was at a stopping point with my policy project and decided to swing by Goodwill for fun.  My roommate Gracie and I are unpacked in our new house, but all the finishing touches are not quite done so I was in the market for some random bric-a-brack.  I ended up finding some great stuff, including a gold vintage clock ($12) and two metallic ski prints ($1.99 each).

Of course my favorite vintage maps from my apartment have found homes in our house as well.  The world map is a Rand McNally map from the 1960s that I bought for $15 at an antique store in Atlanta.  The Colorado road map is from 1940, and I got it for free from my mom.  After I bought the world map I had been talking about how I wanted a Colorado map, and of course my mom had this sitting in the attic.  The frame?  Also for free from my mom’s attic.  It just happened to be the perfect size for the map too!

My services are available for the 2011 holiday season if anyone needs some antique shopping done!


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Typical Colorado girl that can't make up her mind. Trail running, hiking, climbing, camping, CrossFit, ultimate frisbee, and skiing? E, all of the above.

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