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This whole summer thing has been cute and all but really I am just ready for ski season.  Last year was my first ski season ever, and don’t worry mom I have gotten over the emotional scarring of growing up in Colorado and not skiing when I was a kid.  I could be Lindsey Vonn right now.  Anyway, I had an awesome time skiing last year, and I already miss my two skiing partners in crime, Cayce and Jonathan.

RIP 2010-2011 ski crew

Last year I had a demo ski package from Breeze, which was an awesome deal.  For $200, I was able to use sweet skis all season long and try out a variety of lengths and styles.  I really loved the K2 Lotta Luvs, and I was determined to make them my own this year.

K2 2011 Lotta Luvs

I found a great used pair that I was going to buy in Golden, Colorado, but life and Castle Peak got in the way of things and some other lucky Colorado girl snatched them up before me.  Unfortunately, the Lotta Luvs are a popular model and a lot (ha!) of people like them.  It was turning out to be impossible to find another pair online, and for a fleeting moment I was worried that my entire 2011-2012 ski season was going to be an epic fail.

However, I remembered another pair of skis that I demoed twice and loved – the Volkl Tierras.  I heard a man in a ski shop describe the difference between the Tierras and the Lotta Luvs as a Jeep and a Lexus.  The Tierras are more for skiers who want to be in control of the experience whereas the Lotta Luvs do some of the work for you.  I’m definitely not a Lexus type of girl, and I was intrigued by looking into Volkl.  I had an awesome day skiing on the Volkls at A Basin, and I clearly remember doing a pretty darn respectable job of skiing the East Wall and Montezuma Bowl.  This was on about day six of my entire skiing career mind you.

Black diamonds, day six, no big deal.

Chilling on the Volkl Tierras.

After researching the Volkl line-up, I actually decided on the Volkl Aurora, which is a step up from the Volkl Tierra.  Admittedly, it will be a little advanced for me at the onset of this season.  But it’s definitely a ski I can grow into, and I am pretty determined to improve even more this year.  I did end up with some 26 days on the mountain last year, and I consider myself a high intermediate/low advanced skier by Colorado standards.  By Breckenridge standards, I consider myself awesome.  Hello ski run grade inflation!  After skiing on Lotta Luvs at least 15 days this year, I can’t believe I didn’t get them.  I feel really good about the Volkl Aurora though, and I think it’s going to be an excellent fit.  It can start snowing anytime now please!

Volkl Aurora
The Volkl Aurora is a fast women’s ski geared towards advanced skiers.  Its wide base allows for extra stability on crud and ice, but is also designed foreasy turning in fresh powder and deep snow.  The Aurora truly takes charge in any condition with great response back and forth.  This ski is designed for the aggressive female skier who likes to ski on an edge and does not want to sit back and cruise through a relaxing ride.

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Typical Colorado girl that can't make up her mind. Trail running, hiking, climbing, camping, CrossFit, ultimate frisbee, and skiing? E, all of the above.

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