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1803 was a good year

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I have recently decided that 1803 was a spectacular year.  Why?  The Louisiana Purchase.  Thank you Thomas Jefferson!  The best $15 million investment that brought the United States the mountains in Colorado and New Orleans.

Last week, my friends and I went on a whirlwind two day trip for a concert in New Orleans, which might be my new favorite city in the United States.  Sorry Denver, I like you and all, but New Orleans was pretty awesome.  Don’t worry when I factor in the month of July into the equation Denver wins.  Hot and humid summers are not for me – been there, done that.  Regardless, New Orleans definitely exceeded my expectations.  I’m not sure that I actually even knew what to expect,  but I was pleasantly surprised by the European architecture and historic feel.

Bourbon Street wandering
Plaza in front of the Cathedral

I have always associated New Orleans with crazy Mardi Gras stories and one of my favorite seasons of The Real World, so I was happy to discover that the French Quarter is just as charming as one could hope.  My brother will be starting a job at LSU in the fall and since Thanksgiving is the new Spring Break for my family I will be campaigning for Thanksgiving in New Orleans.  New Orleans and I are not done yet.  Plus, in addition to beautiful buildings and streets, New Orleans  has delicious food!  For cultural purposes of course, I made sure to sample beignets from Cafe Du Monte and partake in a shrimp po boy.  By sample I mean eat an entire order of beignets by myself.

Is this heaven?  No, it’s a beignet.

The main event was pretty amazing too.  We went to the final stop of the Railroad Revival Tour, which included Old Crow Medicine Show, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, and Mumford and Sons.  The bands all legitimately pulled up to the show in a train, and the concert was on this grassy field by a body of water.  If I was from New Orleans I would probably know the name of the park and the body of water, but I’m not from New Orleans so it shall remain a mystery.  Google it.  It was just a great concert overall!  The company that I was with was not too shabby either.  It’s pretty hard to beat best friends, live music, and New Orleans.

With the train at the concert

Mumford and Sons awakening my soul

The Telluride Bluegrass Festival that I am going to in June might give the Railroad Revival Tour a run for it’s money.  Four days of best friends, live music, and mountains?  One love.

My contribution to the TOMS mural booth at the Railroad Revival Tour.  One love.


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