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Denverlandia: Put a feather on it

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My friend Claire recently introduced me to wonderful Portlandia.  Put a bird on it anyone?  This inspired me to think about my beloved Denverlandia.  What is our thing?  Feathers my friends, feathers.

Not that there’s anything wrong with feathers.  Personally, I love feathers.  I even recently got feathers in my hair.  Now for my Missouri fans, I promise, I have not gone off the deep end.  Feathers are big here in Denverlandia you see, and I am actually a late adopter of the hair feather trend.  I would estimate that at least half of my friends have feathers in their hair.  Anyway, I absolutely love my feathers.

I got the purple ones because I figure that if you’re going to have feathers, you might as well have fun!  I actually have two bundles of feathers, one in the front of my hair and one in the back.  Denverlandia friends, I only paid $10 for the set at Headlines Salon by Washington Park, which is one of the cheaper prices I have heard of for feathers.  Feathers last anywhere from 2-8 weeks, and they are clipped in like an extension, so the life of the feather depends on the care.  This means I’m already planning for my next set of feathers.  I think next time I will probably go for some longer feathers in the front of my hair.

I love this look!  Put a feather on it!

Feathers are popular in more than just hair in Denverlandia.  Feather jewelry is also a great way to express love for feathers.  In fact, my friend Sarabeth, who is the biggest feather fan I know, has a little sister that has an amazing Etsy shop called Bahini that sells the prettiest feather jewelry and accessories.  I want it all!

Pretty feather headband from Bahini.

Feather necklace with a bird’s nest?  Sold!  From Bahini.

Gorgeous feather earrings from Bahini.

Put a feather on it Denverlandians!


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