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Mile High throwback

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My great intentions for apartment decorating have fallen by the wayside over the past few weeks.  The problem is that once you get a space to a certain degree of livability it’s sometimes hard to continue to be motivated to decorate.  Combine that with a crazy work and school schedule and therein lies the current status of my half-decorated apartment.  Example?  For all intensive purposes, I need a desk.  Is it an absolute necessity?  No, and so I still am deskless.

The thing is that I really do have some cool pieces to put in my apartment.  When I was home over winter break not only did I steal things from my mom’s house but my mom and I also went antique shopping in Weston, Missouri.  My brother got dragged along, and he had an awesome time!  Not really.  I don’t think he enjoyed pretending to be a 45 year-old woman as much as I did.  He at least got some beer out of the deal at the Weston Brewery.  The Pub Warmer Ale?  Hands down the best seasonal beer I have ever had.  I think I still have one bottle left!

Anyway, I will eventually get my act together and fully decorate my apartment.  I have recently become obsessed with vintage maps, and so several of these will adorn my walls.  In particular, I have a world map and map of Colorado.  The world map is from 1960, which my mom and I figured out thanks to Wikipedia and the decolonization of Africa, and the Colorado map is from the 1970s.

I also have started a small collection of Denver postcards from the 1930s.  While my family was in West Virginia over Thanksgiving, my mom and I not surprisingly visited an antique store.  I found some neat Colorado postcards but ended up not buying them, which I later regretted.  When I came across more postcards on our recent Weston antique trip, I bought them without hesitation.  I live near a lot of the areas in the postcards, and I think it is fun to see how much Denver has changed!

Someday these will all be on my wall.  February is the goal.  I think my life should be much less crazy then!


Author: paulamahla

Typical Colorado girl that can't make up her mind. Trail running, hiking, climbing, camping, CrossFit, ultimate frisbee, and skiing? E, all of the above.

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