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getting in touch with my inner colorado girl

The original motherland


I originally started this blog last May to chronicle my return to Colorado.  Mostly I wanted to write about the awesome trail runs that I was finding in the Denver area.  After my staycation summer, it morphed into a blog about my adventures in Colorado and fun times in the mountains, with the occasional entry about The Bachelor and The Baby-Sitter’s Club thrown in the mix.  The title of the blog, “Return to the motherland,” is a play on the fact that I am technically a Colorado native.  I was born in Colorado and lived there until I was ten years old, and consequently, moving back has been a fun experience.  I did some digging in family photo albums over the past few days, and I found some great pictures of my original days in Colorado.

The original motherland:

I used to be chauffeured around the mountains.  Zero effort all the benefits.  Living the good life. I also used to rock some sweet hats.  Special mention to the excitement of my brothers in this picture.Karl and I do Garden of the Gods.I think I was scared that the rock was going to fall on top of me.  Someone should have told me it was reinforced with concrete.Alpine Tundra.  My hair was a hot mess.Cross country skiing at Glacier Basin in RMNP.Rocking the hiking boots.  I meant business.Waterfall west of Loveland. Memorial Day on Trail Ridge Road in RMNP.Tree on the way to Dream Lake in RMNP.  I still pass by this tree to this day! Chilling with the bros at the YMCA of the Rockies.My parents never bought me a horse.  They obviously didn’t love me. The creek at the Great Sand Dunes.  Clearly the most fun part.

Mesa Verde.

I loved living in Missouri and all but I think it’s safe to say that I am a Colorado girl at heart.


Author: paulamahla

Typical Colorado girl that can't make up her mind. Trail running, hiking, climbing, camping, CrossFit, ultimate frisbee, and skiing? E, all of the above.

2 thoughts on “The original motherland

  1. I love little Did. She makes me happy. Not as much as “adult” Did. I use that term loosely 😉

  2. I have almost the EXACT same picture of me riding in a ‘jerry carry’ on my Dad’s back while hiking in Colorado! That’s awesome.

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