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The sound of settling


2010 has definitely been a transition year for me.  I have lived in approximately four different places. My life sometimes sounds cooler in theory than it is in practice, case in point.  Luckily, I am ending the year in Denver where I started it, and I finally have an apartment that I am going to be living in for the forseeable future.  Consequently, I am having a lot of fun unpacking and figuring out my furniture situation.

I have been back in Denver for exactly one week today, so things are still very much in progress.  I also started working full-time again this week.  Apparently I don’t know how to ease back into my life.  I prefer to hit the ground running.

It’s a little surreal being back in Denver, because not surprisingly my life is certainly different now than it was in August.  Not only is my life different, but I’m sure that I’m also a different person than I was four months ago.  I haven’t really had time to fully process my Atlanta experience, though I like to think that it changed me for the better.  I will admit it made me a worse driver.  I keep having problems with yellow lights in Denver.  In Atlanta yellow meant hit the accelerator and make it through the light so you don’t have to wait in traffic any longer than necessary.  In Denver yellow apparently means stop.  I am hoping to catch on by next week.

Anyway, one of my hobbies before I left Atlanta was looking up apartment decorating ideas, and I found a few awesome pictures that are serving as a guide to me.  Okay, I actually put together a PowerPoint of all my favorites.  With notes.  I am that girl and I embrace it.  I will spare you the entire PowerPoint and just share a few selections.

Photos courtesy of My Little Apartment and Decor8

I seem to be attracted to clean, contemporary lines with vibrant accessories.  I will be updating once I have everything moved in but right now I can’t hang any more pictures on my walls without a drill.  Personally I’m thrilled that my apartment has plaster walls and hardwoord floors.  I love older buildings.

Currently I am waiting to get said drill from my mom over Christmas because of course she has an extra drill.  She’s going to give me drill lessons.  I don’t know when she’s going to fit me into her schedule, between the kick boxing classes, drum lessons and line dancing at the Buffalo Bar.  She also just bought a pair of roller blades.  Calling my mom is generally the more entertaining part of my week.  In the meantime, here are a few preliminary pictures of my living room.  It’s going to be great when I am done!  All my years of watching HGTV are finally paying off.

And my refrigerator.  Clearly the most exciting part of my apartment.  Complete with a picture of the two best things about Atlanta and the celebration card picked out by Caro.  It’s such a cute picture of those two, how could I not have Caro and Liz on my fridge?  I feel like a proud grandma.

What I miss most about Atlanta


Author: paulamahla

Typical Colorado girl that can't make up her mind. Trail running, hiking, climbing, camping, CrossFit, ultimate frisbee, and skiing? E, all of the above.

4 thoughts on “The sound of settling

  1. This is me missing you right back ❤ Skype dates soon please ok thanks bye

  2. I like your blog. And those pictures. Hope Denver treats you well.

    • Why do you build me up, Paula-Cup baby just to let me down…and live out of town?
      And then worst of all, when London calls, baby you’re in C-ado…but we love you still!
      We need you, to come and visit darling – you know that we miss you so much.
      So build me up, Paula-Cup!

      Love you!

      Also, Deathcab as the blog title – I just called the whambulance (and it was an international call!)

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