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SkyMall Christmas Shopping Guide

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In the past four weeks I have flown on three separate trips out of Atlanta to Kansas City, Denver and Charlottesville respectively.  Consequently, I have recently become quite the Hartsfield Jackson International Airport expert, and at this point I even have a favorite Terminal.  For the record, Terminal B is the best.  Don’t waste your time in the others.  I have also spent a good amount of time on airplanes lately, which has given me ample time to pursue one of my favorite hobbies: SkyMall shopping.  SkyMall never fails to disappoint, so in the spirit of Christmas, I thought it was high time to use my SkyMall powers for good.  I took it upon myself to create the ultimate SkyMall Christmas Shopping Guide for all the people on your Christmas/Hannukah/Chrismukkah/Seasons Greetings lists.  You’re welcome.

Paula’s 2010 SkyMall Christmas Shopping Guide

For your frenemy:

“Zombie of Montclaire Moors” – $89.95

A delightful addition to any garden.  According to the SkyMall Web site, it arrives in three pieces.  I still can’t figure out how that one works.

For your know-it-all friend:

World’s Largest Crossword Puzzle” – $29.95

This will shut them up for a long time.  Also good for people with large, blank walls.

For your musically inclined friend:

“Learn to Play Banjo” – $199.95

The gift that keeps giving!  I think the better question is who doesn’t want to learn to play the banjo.

For annoying younger siblings:

“The Hide N Seek Monkey” – $49.95

Hide the monkey really far away.

For monkey loving fashionistas:

“Sock Monkey Hat and Mittens” – $29.95

The must-have cold weather gear this winter.  No monkeying around.

For monkey lovers in general:

“Sling Shot Screaming Monkey” – $6.95

Best stocking stuffer ever?  Yes.  You can’t go wrong.

For the recent college graduate in need of furniture:

“Basho The Sumo Wrestler Table” – $225.00

Because nothing says “I care” like this timeless piece of furniture.

For your eco-conscious friend:

“Marshmallow Shooter” – $24.95

Tired of wasting marshmallows?  The perfect solution!

For people you actually like:

“Blooming Tea Gift Set” – $99.99

Pretty and delicious!

“Matryoshka Measuring Cups” – $24.95

The perfect mix of kitsch and function.

“Recycled Wine Bottle Glasses” – $24.95-$29.95

I’ll take a set of these please!

Happy shopping from the friendly skies!  1-800-SKYMALL.  Although actually nobody has Airfone anymore, so more like happy shopping from the friendly ground.  Also, I really need to start bringing longer books on plane trips.

R.I.P. Airfone, 1970s – 2006


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Typical Colorado girl that can't make up her mind. Trail running, hiking, climbing, camping, CrossFit, ultimate frisbee, and skiing? E, all of the above.

One thought on “SkyMall Christmas Shopping Guide

  1. But seriously: I just LOLed so hard I almost spit coffee on my computer.

    I think our first joint blog should be The Bucket List – Atlanta


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