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Web obsessions: Quote Book

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I have now almost reached the two-month mark in Atlanta.  In some ways I feel like time has flown by, and in other ways I feel like it should already be December.  I have been trying really hard to appreciate where my life has taken me throughout this entire Hotlanta experience, but lately it has been made a little bit harder by my apartment search process.  Spending copious amounts of time looking at prospective apartments in Denver has not made me miss Denver any less.  If anything,  I am learning that fantasizing about my life come December is not going to make time go by any faster in Atlanta, and in fact it might make me miss out on great opportunities now.

And so I have decided to make a conscious effort to enjoy my life in this very moment.  Last week, I received an email from my friend Emily that included a link to a Web site of quotes that I have since been slightly obsessed with.  I have definitely been needing inspiration lately and Quote Book came to me at exactly the right time.  A few of the best ones:

thresca:  you own your happiness

Photo by (allaboutbritt). Submitted by keepingsmiles

kari-shma:  Foto Fest Mom 2.0 KC (by Rachel)

quote by: Pink Floyd photographer and creator: theresnopretending

Quote- Mahatma Gandhi Photo- Cait

kari-shma:  June 7, 2010 (by Parker Fitzgerald)

yearslater:  (by cori kindred)

And finally, my personal favorite, which I have found to be oh so true:

Words- lifeliveson Photographer- we heart it


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Typical Colorado girl that can't make up her mind. Trail running, hiking, climbing, camping, CrossFit, ultimate frisbee, and skiing? E, all of the above.

One thought on “Web obsessions: Quote Book

  1. hey!

    great quotes! you should check out

    they sell a box filled with a year’s worth of inspirational quotes on tiny little scrolls of paper. so cute!

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