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TBPG: Blood Mountain

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If Georgia and I were in a Facebook relationship it would be complicated.  I’m divided because while I’m not a huge fan of Atlanta, other parts of Georgia are great.  Honestly life in Atlanta just generally stresses me out.  I think it has a lot to do with the traffic and driving everywhere.  However, every time that I leave the city and visit the northern Georgia mountains, I am completely on Team Georgia.

This weekend I had the chance to experience the best of fall in northern Georgia, and I went hiking with some of my friends on Saturday and Sunday.  On Saturday, Liz and I went to Vogel State Park for an afternoon hike, which is located at the base of Blood Mountain.  During the previous Troop Beverly Paula Georgia (TBPG) outing to Amicalola Falls, a Georgia State Park ranger had recommended the Blood Mountain area for hiking, so we decided to check it out.  The drive up to Vogel made the outing worthwhile, as, once we got past the terrible Atlanta traffic, we drove on the pretty, winding “Georgia Wine Highway.”  The Georgia Wine Highway is home to a multitude of vineries that I am very interested in checking out in the future.  Running and hiking may be two of my favorite hobbies, but wine tasting definitely makes the top five list as well.

Liz and I ended up hiking a great 4.5 mile loop at Vogel under the cover of a tall forest, and it was nice to just be outside and walking around.  Weather wise it was a beautiful day on Saturday, and I am glad we were able to take advantage of it.  We had a very deep conversation about how we don’t think humans are meant to live in urban settings and eat processed food.  Of course we then proceeded to eat Cheetos and pretzel M&M’s.  Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Awesome trees

As a fall foliage fan, I admit we hit Vogel a bit too early.  The leaves were still green on most of the trees that we saw on our hike.  Luckily something happened overnight, because when we returned to the area for another Blood Mountain adventure the next day, the leaves were starting to turn amazing colors.  On Sunday, Liz and I returned to Blood Mountain, accompanied by Caroline and Lindsay.  We started out hiking from the Walasi-Yi interpretive center, which is notably the only point that the Appalachian Trail crosses through a man-made structure.  The center is also one of the first major stops for AT thru-hikers, which was cool because Liz, Lindsay, and I had previously hiked part of the start of the AT from Amicalola.

AT symbol outside of the Center

To clarify, at Amicalola a few weeks earlier, Lindsay, Liz, and I hiked the AT southern access trail, but we did not make it to the actual AT.  This time we ended up hiking an actual part of the AT up to the summit of Blood Mountain, an unfortunate name for a lovely place.  Blood Mountain is also the highest point on the Appalachian Trail in Georgia at a whopping 4,458 feet.  Okay enough of the Colorado attitude, while the northern Georgia mountains are much smaller than say the Rocky Mountains, they are beautiful.  The foliage and views from the top of Blood Mountain were incredible!

Loving those colors

Basically, although Georgia and I have a complicated relationship, my feelings about northern Georgia are pretty simple.  I just plain love it.  If only I was interning for the Georgia State Park system!

Northern Georgia = love


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