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Departure (temporary) from the motherland

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Last week, the NY Times published an article called “What Is It About 20-Somethings?” all about the uncertainty and changes that characterize the lives of 20-Somethings.  I basically agreed with all of the points of the article, especially this quote:

“The traditional cycle seems to have gone off course, as young people remain untethered to romantic partners or to permanent homes, going back to school for lack of better options, traveling, avoiding commitments, competing ferociously for unpaid internships or temporary (and often grueling) Teach for America jobs, forestalling the beginning of adult life.”

Right now, not only am I in graduate school (although not for lack of better options, thank you very much NY Times), but I just made a temporary move to Atlanta for an unpaid internship for which I competed ferociously.  This article is kind of the story of my life.  Also, I would like to add that in the past year, I have moved at least five times.  I even take moving and completing internships to new levels.  Last fall, I was in Honduras doing an unpaid internship, and I actually had to move houses halfway through my internship.  Beat that.  I can’t remember the last time I lived in one place for a consecutive year.  Maybe high school?

Life as a 20-Something is not all bad though.  I mean, on a positive note, I will be spending the next three months doing one of my dream internships.  This is a truly exciting time of my life, and I am not sure at what other point I will have the luxury and opportunity to just put my life on hold and move to a new city for a few months.  That being said, I was definitely sad to leave Denver.  I think it has been pretty obvious from all my blog entries that I have a serious love affair with Colorado.  I spent my last weekend in Colorado camping, hiking a fourteener, and rafting.  As I was driving back to Denver from rafting and the sun was setting over the mountains, I remember thinking to myself that I could never get tired of living in Colorado.  I also lucked into finding a great group of friends in Denver, and I had a blast over the summer.  I don’t think the fact that I was leaving Colorado hit me until I drove across the border this past Friday.  And then I definitely had a lot of time to miss Colorado as I was driving across Kansas, the most boring state in the world.  But while I left a lot in Colorado, I know that I will equally have a lot to come back to in December.

People I will miss in Colo

Scenery I will miss in Colo

And so, like most changes in my life, I have decided to embrace this opportunity.  I stopped at home on Friday night after driving from Denver and hung out with my mom and my best friends from home.  I figure if I have to leave Colorado, I might as well see my best friends along the way!  I also picked up Libby, one of my high school friends, because she so kindly agreed to accompany me on the 14 hour drive to Atlanta from Kansas City.  We made the most of the drive and got into Atlanta in time to go out with some of Libby’s friends.  I have already met some great people in the city, and I think these three months are going to be fun.  I start my internship tomorrow, and overall I have a lot to look forward to and be happy about.  I have never really spent a lot of time in the South, and I am excited to get to know a new area of the country.

Trust me, I can’t wait to get back to Colorado in December, but until then, I’m not going to waste this opportunity.  Hotlanta and I are going to get along just fine.  As long as I can find some good places to run, I will be happy!


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