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Mile High find: Fruition

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My brother came to Denver for the weekend, so after a full weekend of Water World and hiking in RMNP, we ended his trip by eating at Fruition.  I have been wanting to eat at Fruition for awhile, and I actually made reservations for us like two weeks before he came to Denver.  That’s right, I decided where we were going to eat before I figured out other stuff, like you know, what our weekend plans were going to be.  Anyway, to my delight my cousin Jen, who lives in Boulder, ended up joining us for dinner, and we made a cousin event out of it.

The restaurant itself is dangerously close to where I live – as in reasonable walking distance – and is in a small, house-like building.  It was actually raining on Monday night when we went, so the cozy decor of the restaurant on the interior was quite welcome.  The atmosphere was definitely nice, but it wasn’t pretentious in the least.  There was something extremely comforting and inviting about the restaurant, almost as if the chefs had just invited 40 of their closest friends to a dinner party.  Derek, Jen, and I each got different appetizers and between the three of us we shared the: Heirloom Tomato B.L.T., Rabbit & Pork Country Pâté, and Potato-Wrapped Oysters Rockefeller.  They were all incredible, and I don’t think I have ever had a better tomato in my life.  Apparently Fruition also owns its own farm where it raises local produce and stock.  Technically the Rabbit & Pork was the appetizer I ordered and while I am not normally a pâté type of girl, it was delicious.  Okay, okay so maybe I thought it said “plate” when I ordered it, not “pâté”.  But it ended up being a happy mistake!

For our main dishes Jen and I both ordered the Pan Roasted Diver Scallops with Caramelized Potato Gnocchi, Olathe Corn Bisque, Chanterelle Mushroom, and Shaved Black Summer Truffle.  The gnocchi was absolutely perfect and the chanterelle mushrooms were divine.  I sound like a 65 year old English woman but I kid you not, DIVINE!  Derek got the Salmon Creek Farms Pork Chop with Olathe Corn & Goat Cheese Blini, Confit Cherry Tomato & Grilled Baby Artichoke Salad, and B.B.Q. Lentil Jus. Normally I hate pork.  Pork is not the other white meat.  This pork, however, was delicious.  Words really wouldn’t do it justice; it was good, trust me.

Unfortunately we weren’t hungry enough to each order an individual dessert, but we all shared the Flourless Valrhona Chocolate Cake with Caramel Mousse, Salted Peanut Butter Caramel, and Peanut Brittle.  Or as I like to call it, heaven on a plate.  Overall, the best restaurant I have eaten at in Denver by far.

And now just for fun, a picture from our hike to Lion Lake from the RMNP Wild Basin area!

Cousins in Lion Lake #1

Derek, Jen, and I hiked this nice little 15 miler with a few of Jen’s friends on Sunday.  We saw a moose and the destination lakes were beautiful.  We did end up hiking through five miles worth of a downpour on the way back, but I like to look at it as a good character building experience!

Lion Lake #1 – I love how the reflection turned out in this one


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One thought on “Mile High find: Fruition

  1. 2.5 stars! there were artichokes? hmm, didn’t notice.

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