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JB in CO: Part II

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The action packed schedule continued on Wednesday!  Katie and I started the day out with an outstanding brunch at Devil’s Food on Gaylord Street.  Seriously the best breakfast ever.  I had half of a grapefruit that was baked with brown sugar, French toast made from challah bread, and fresh fruit.  I’m getting hungry thinking about it now.  After our brunch we headed downtown to visit the REI flagship store, because obviously that fit nicely into our mountain adventure staycation.  I had actually not made it down there before, so it was quite a worthwhile visit.  We then headed up to Idaho Springs for some white water rafting.  My friend Melissa’s boyfriend was our guide, and Katie and I had a great time on Clear Creek.  The trip was actually the same route as the advanced rafting trip that I took in June, but the creek has gone down so much in the past few weeks that the advanced route is now considered intermediate.

Don’t be jealous of our wetsuits

After rafting we headed into town for a late Italian lunch at Mangia.  Our original plan had been to hang out in Idaho Springs all afternoon and then hit my trail running club (Denver Trail Runners!) in Evergreen for a run on the way back into Denver.  However, the weather was not cooperating and it started pouring.  The prospect of running on muddy trails didn’t sound super appealing to us, so we decided to try and visit the Coors brewery in Golden.  When we got to Golden at 4:30, we learned that the brewery closed for tours at 4:00.  Thus Plan C was born: going on our own wine bar crawl!  We got back to my apartment in Denver and then headed out to three different bars.

We started at The Village Cork on Pearl Street.  Katie and I each ordered a very generous wine flight; her flight consisted of whites and mine consisted of reds.  For $12 the flight was truly a great deal and I really enjoyed all of the wines in the flight.  I centered mine around a Malbec from Argentina, of course.  The next stop was Beatrice and Woodsley on Broadway.  While it was not actually a wine bar, B&W was an awesome stop for the decor and atmosphere of the restaurant alone.  Plus the point of the wine bar crawl was also to explore different parts of Denver, and I wanted to show Katie something on Broadway.  Our final stop of the night was Cru, a wine bar located downtown on Larimer Square.  We each ordered another flight of wine and food.  Katie had a white wine flight and scallops and I had a red wine/Malbec flight and lamb lollipops.  Basically we had an epic day food wise.  The lamb lollipops matched the Malbec perfectly.  Fun fact, I love lamb.  And lamp.  I think I would choose a well prepared lamb dish over a steak anytime.

The next day was Katie’s final day in Denver.  We woke up early and went for a nice 20 minute jog around my neighborhood, followed by a ride on the Denver B-cycles to Wash Park.  This spring Denver installed a fairly extensive bike sharing system in the city called the B-cycles.  The verdict?  While the B-cycles are a great idea in theory, the bikes were heavy and really hard to navigate.  Regardless, our bike ride was certainly still a success.  We rode to my favorite coffee shop Wash Perk and then did a lap around the park.

Iced almond latte?  Yes please!

B-cycle riding in Wash Park

After Katie left, I took a very quality nap!  We fit a lot in during her three days in Denver.  In other exciting news, yesterday was my birthday and I had a great time with my Denver friends.  Any birthday that involves flowers, Malbec wine, and red velvet cupcakes with dark chocolate ganache is a good one in my book.  I feel like 23 is going to be a most excellent year.

Hanging out at The Thin Man for the birthday


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