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JB in CO: Part I

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I know I have greatly neglected my duties as a blogger recently, but I have been really busy!  I never knew that staycationing would be so much work.  For example, for the Fourth of July, I flew home to KC for a long, relaxing weekend with friends.  I just got back into Denver on Monday and then started preparing for my next big staycation activity – a visit from my one of my best friends from high school!  Katie, or my “JB” as I call her, has also been on a staycation of her own, and so she decided to join me in Colorado for a few days.  The nickname JB is not to be confused with Justin Bieber or Justin Bobby, as we have called each other  JB since our good, old college days.  The origin of the nickname is a long, uninteresting story.  Well not really long, but definitely uninteresting.  Anyway, we had a packed itinerary, which is why there will be two JB in CO entries.

Katie flew in on Tuesday afternoon, and we started the trip out with a walking tour of the University of Denver.  We then went over to one of my friend’s apartments for a potluck dinner before going to a Rockies game.  As always, my friends in Denver provided a fabulous spread of food that included pita chips, veggies, fruit, pasta salad, homemade tzatziki, and chocolate chip cookie dough truffles.  Yum!  I definitely eat well in Colorado.  We then walked over to the Rockies game and watched them play poorly against the St. Louis Cards for the first seven innings.  Our plans for the next day included a hike at RMNP, and since we were planning on getting up at 5 a.m., Katie and I decided leave after the seventh inning when the Rockies were losing, 2-9.  Apparently the Rockies made a huge comeback after we left and ended up winning the game, 10-9.  Oh well.

Enjoying a summer baseball game

Katie was a great sport about waking up the next morning at 5 a.m.  Neither of us had slept well the night before, but I promised her that we would stop for a coffee break in Boulder, so I think that helped matters a bit.  I was somewhat worried about the weather after we made our stop in Boulder, since it was raining and misting.  However, we decided to be optimistic and we continued heading to RMNP.  We got to the Glacier Gorge Trailhead at 7:30 and easily found a parking spot.  We started hiking soon after with plans to hike to Black Lake, despite the fact that the weather was still not cooperating and there was a light mist as we headed out on the trail.  We decided to still try and hike to Black Lake, after rationalizing that we could always turn around at any point.  Luckily, by the time we made it to Mills Lake, the mist had stopped.  The clouds remained, but that was kind of cool because it made the hike a completely different experience.  I felt like we were hiking through a forest in the Pacific Northwest.

Mills Lake

I had pretty low expectations for the hike, because the online pictures didn’t make it look like anything special.  But by the time we made it up to the lake, the clouds started to clear and we had an amazing view.  The lake was stunning, and the reflection off of the water was beautiful.  Because we had started so early, we had the lake to ourselves and we stopped for an early lunch break.  The hike up there had been really fun too, since we were by water features the whole time.  We passed lakes, creeks, waterfalls – it was great!

Ribbon Falls

The clouds starting to clear

Black Lake

The hike back down went well and as soon as we got into my car at the trailhead, it started raining again.  We had really timed our hike in the perfect window of time.  Katie and I were definitely ready for an early supper after our long hike, so we stopped in Boulder to eat on the way back.  Back in Denver we showered and relaxed for a little bit, then headed to meet some of my friends for Taco Wednesday at Max’s Gill and Grill.  We had some drinks at Reiver’s before, then enjoyed some awesome $1 tacos.  Best deal in Denver.  And this all happened in a time span of a day and a half!

Part II coming soon…


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