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Mile High find: Budapest Bistro

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I would like to preface this post by stating that I do not claim to be a foodie in any shape or form.  I do love to watch Top Chef Masters, but I am still at the point in my life where I think Lean Cuisine constitutes an acceptable meal.  Although I would like to say to any haters that the Butternut Squash Ravioli is delicious.  Anyway, my point is I have no room to critique restaurants.  Which is exactly what I will be doing in this post.

My grad school friend, Lauren, will be spending the summer interning in Budapest, Hungary.  I will be spending my summer working in Lakewood, Colorado.  We’re not even going to discuss who is going to have a cooler summer.  But in order to get prepared for Budapest, Lauren and I have been talking for at least the past two months about going to try Budapest Bistro on Pearl Street.  Since Lauren is leaving on Friday, we finally got around to going there last night.

The restaurant itself is fairly small, but has two rooms that have open into each other so it doesn’t feel too cramped.  The booths weren’t the most comfortable thing in the world, but I enjoyed the atmosphere.  Our server was also the son of the owners, and he was extremely personable and knowledgeable.  Lauren and I both ordered the Hungarian white wine on the menu, which wasn’t too sweet and was nice with food.  I don’t remember the name of it, but it was the only Hungarian white wine they served.  We also ordered the langos (pronounced lawn-go-sh) for an appetizer, which was a puffy, fried bread served with sides of sour cream and garlic cloves.  Maybe not the best food to order on a date, but can you really go wrong with fried bread?  It was light, fluffy and delicious!

This is a picture of langos.  Not the actual langos from Budapest Bistro, but langos courtesy of Google images.  For our main courses, Lauren ordered the Mushroom Paprikash, which the menu describes as, “Sautéed mushrooms and onions in light sour cream paprika sauce, spatzels, vegetables,” and I ordered the Grilled Chicken Breast Ratatouille, which the menu describes as, “Thinly sliced white onions, zucchinis, celeries, tomatoes in hot chili pepper butter sauce built over mashed potatoes, shaved Gouda and Parmesan cheese.”  I actually liked Lauren’s Mushroom Paprikash better because the mushrooms and the spatzels were a nice combination.  Spatzels remind me of mini-gnocchi, although I’m sure that’s not the best way to describe it.  My Ratatouille was good, but now reading the menu description again I feel like it was a little heavy on sauce, because I tasted no Gouda or Parmesan.  Overall, it was a fun dining experience and next time I am Hungary, I will definitely go again.  (Apologies for the bad joke.)  I would say 3.75/5 stars in my completely non-professional opinion.

Next  year Lauren and I have decided that we want to have international cuisine restaurant nights in Denver, so I am excited for that.  I will be scoping out a lot of restaurants this summer.  I am also extremely tempted to buy a plane ticket and visit her sometime this summer.  If the langos is as good in Hungary as it was at Budapest Bistro I just might have to make that happen!


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