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Day two of pretending that I am done with finals was a total success.  I still have one more paper to write, but I am choosing to not think about it at the moment.  Instead today I focused my energies on something completely important – finding the perfect summer purse.  You see, I have been obsessed with my Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Faridah bag for the past two years, and I now think it’s about time for a change.  I love this bag a lot because it’s truly the perfect slouchy hobo and it goes with absolutely everything.  But black leather feels kind of wieldy for summer weather and I want to carry something a bit more casual for the next couple of months.  The ideal situation would probably be to just buy another Faridah in tan or cream, however I don’t think I can justify dropping $450 on a purse as a graduate student right now.  So my mission today was to find the perfect summer purse, preferably under $150, and even more preferably a lot under $150.

I spent the morning at Cherry Creek Mall, my friendly neighborhood mall, and started at the end of the mall that I like to refer to as the “triangle of death.”  What kind of a sadistic mall developer puts Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and Nordstrom right by each other?  That’s not even fair.  I went to Anthro first, which was a terrible idea because they were having a huge sale, but I somehow made it out of there with no purchases.  Nothing really caught my eye purse wise, because let’s face it, my summer purse has some big shoes to fill.  I love my Faridah that much.  Non-purse wise everything caught my eye.  I like Anthro’s summer collection a lot.  Nonetheless, I was on a purse mission today, so I continued on to Urban Outfitters.  I spent 20 minutes walking around and trying out purses at Urban, and I actually came really close to getting this bag in tan.  At the end of the day though, I knew my heart wasn’t in it, and I also left Urban empty handed.

Finally, I went to Nordstrom, which by the way is having its half-yearly sale, and looked at purses there.  Of course I loved the Marc by Marc Jacobs bags, but again I really can’t justify spending that much on a purse right now.  After I start my lucrative, high paying international relations career, watch out!  Oh wait.  Back to my purse saga though, I ended up getting a Lesportsac crossover bag, similar to the bag on the right but with a different pattern.  I had wanted to find a solid, everyday purse, like my Faridah, but I wasn’t feeling the magic today.  You can’t force these things.  I’m still happy with my new Lesportsac bag though, and I it will definitely be a good addition to my Colorado summer.  How happy am I with it?  After my morning at Cherry Creek I treated myself to some frozen yogurt at the Pinkberry that just opened on Colorado Boulevard!  So delicious.  Okay I swear I am done being ridiculous and I will get back to some real work.  Purses are a big deal though.  Really.  Don’t mess with a girl and her purse.


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Typical Colorado girl that can't make up her mind. Trail running, hiking, climbing, camping, CrossFit, ultimate frisbee, and skiing? E, all of the above.

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