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Web obsession: The Man’s Guide to Love

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I have been obsessed with The Man’s Guide to Love for the past month.  The premise of the Web site is that it is real advice about love from men for men, and it is a compilation of daily video interviews from guys all over the nation.  I realize that as a woman I am not necessarily the target audience, but it is completely fascinating to hear what these guys have to say.  It is also one of the most real and honest Web sites that I have found in a long time, as the guys interviewed say what is genuinely on their minds, for better or for worse.  And not only is the advice applicable to relationships but I think a lot of it transcends love and is just solid life advice.  A few of the gems:

  • “Find out who you are within, and just let her see that.  It’s not that hard.”
  • “You have to assault them with good things.  Women, like beachhead in World War II, want to essentially be assaulted by the boats of your Marines of love and you just have to pound it into them.”
  • “Stop looking for greener grass.  It’s just not there.”
  • “Love the ones whose faces light up when you come into the room.”
  • “Talk to her.  Girls like to talk.  You’ve got to learn how.”
  • “Never stop treating the one you love the way you did when you first met.”
  • “Do what you love and love will come to you.”
  • “Let ‘love’ mean what its definition is intended for.  Don’t throw it around.”
  • “It helps to do research in love if it doesn’t come naturally.”  (This guy was also reading Eat, Pray, Love and trying to figure out what six million women saw in it.  I loved his approach.  Don’t worry Scott, I am a woman who read that book and I think it was overrated!)
  • You’ve got to realize that it’s not about yourself.”
  • “If you’re picking up a girl at a nightclub, it’s not going to last.”
  • “Be brutally honest about stuff that might be hard to talk about.”
  • “If there’s a problem, send flowers.  It’s never the wrong answer.”
  • “There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship.  There’s always a honeymoon phase.  Once you get past it love comes from accepting each other, helping each other, growing with each other, and just dealing with stuff that you thought you’ve never want to deal with.”
  • “Don’t wait to find the ultimate act of love.  Create the ultimate act of love.”
  • “Stay the course.  Love through good and bad.  It just gets better and better and better.” (This was from the most adorable 65-year old man.)
  • “Every guy knows what he WANTS being in love to feel like.”
  • And then one of the more bittersweet videos:

“Be ruthless.  As ruthless as you can be.  There are no rules.”

This guy got burned by someone.  Bad.


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