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Summertime and the living’s easy

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Okay, so not only is not actually summer yet, but I still have two more weeks of classes left.  Thank you quarter system at DU.  Nonetheless, I am already fantasizing about the awesome summer I am going to have.  My original plan for the summer had been to find an internship somewhere, which unfortunately didn’t work out, and I have since come to terms with the fact that I will be in Denver.  Not only have I come to terms with this fact, but I have decided to embrace it!  Summer in Colorado?  I can think of worse ways to spend three months.  Anyway, I have so many fun ideas for this summer that I have decided to make a list of my plans:

  • Water World – I loved this place when I was a kid!  In fact, I think I had at least two birthday parties there, maybe even three.  It was definitely always the highlight of my summers as a kid in Colorado, so I of course want to see if the magic is still there.  And from what I remember, it was also a truly legit water park.  Two wave pools, themed rides (Voyage to the Center of the Earth!), and from a Travel Channel show I saw a few years ago I think it has only improved in my absence.
  • Jefferson County Open Space – This has been my best Colorado discovery so far.  Jefferson County, also known as the gateway to the Rockies, is located just west of Denver and contains 31 properties at the edge of the Rockies that have tons of great running trails.  My goal is to have run at every single one of the parks by the end of the summer.  By my current calculations, I have already been to seven of them.
  • Fourteeners – I want to do as much hiking as possible this summer.  I have a cousin who lives in Boulder and does a lot of mountainous activities, so I am totally planning on mooching off of her plans and accompanying her on tons of hikes.
  • Get familiar with Denver – Right now, I pretty much reside in my own happy little corner of Denver, but I want to experience all that the city has to offer.  My summer sublet is located near downtown, and I am already looking forward to getting to know a new neighborhood.  I will be living dangerously close to Liks Ice Cream too, which is apparently one of the top five ice cream shops in Denver.  For purely scientific reasons I will of course have to try it!
  • Cook – The amount of cooking that I do these days is pretty nonexistent.  I keep telling myself that watching Top Chef Masters does not count as cooking, but I have been able to blame my culinary laziness on the small, Zoolander-esque kitchen in my current apartment.  However, in my summer sublet there is a nice sized kitchen and I will have no excuse.  Watch out Paula Deen!
  • Rockies – Nothing says summer to me like some good old fashioned baseball games.  My favorite catcher from the Royals, Miguel Olivo, made the move to Denver with me this year and now plays for the Rockies!  I think that’s a sign that I am suppose to be in Denver.
  • Portuguese – DU has Rosetta Stone software available in the library and I have been meaning to get around to working on my Portuguese skills all year.  I really want to open up job opportunities in Brazil, because well duh, it’s Brazil!  So a summer goal of mine is to start learning Portuguese.
  • Other things to look forward to – Other exciting things coming up this summer include: a trip to Missouri in June followed by a trip to Chicago; my birthday in July, when I will finally be 23 and old; the best friend will be coming out to Colorado to visit me probably in August; and I am determined to do the Warrior Race.  Also I am looking forward to a refreshing summer, sans Missouri humidity.  Last summer, I remember going on runs at 10:00 p.m. and still being miserably hot from the ridiculous humidity.

Here’s to a great summer – Colorado style!


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Typical Colorado girl that can't make up her mind. Trail running, hiking, climbing, camping, CrossFit, ultimate frisbee, and skiing? E, all of the above.

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