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Trail spotlight: Lair O The Bear

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The best part of my trail run at Lair O The Bear on Saturday was that I completely ended up there by accident.  I had actually been trying to find Beaver Brook Trail in Genesee, but my directions weren’t very good so I ended up in the middle of nowhere on I-70 West.  Luckily, I have Lee (my Garmin with an Australian accent – don’t worry, it came with the name Lee) and I looked up parks nearby to where I was.  Lee gave me a list with Lair O The Bear on it and, since I had heard of the park before, I decided to go there instead.  By now you think I would have learned that Lee is sometimes crazy.  I ended up on this gravel road, basically cutting across the mountains off of I-70 West for a good 15-20 minutes until I got to a highway on the other side.  Lair O The Bear was then right off of the paved road, but Lee definitely sent me the “scenic route.”

Anyway, how was Lair O The Bear?  Absolutely delightful!  The trail itself winds along Bear Creek and I ran a combination of trails to reach a total of four miles.  I have been fighting a cold for the past few days, so I probably shouldn’t have even been running, but hey I have the Bolder Boulder coming up!  Also Saturday was one of the first nice spring days in Denver, so I had to take advantage of it.

The trail was one of the flatter trails that I have found in the Denver area.  As I was running, I actually was thinking to myself, “I didn’t even know trails this flat existed!”  I also thought the Lair would make a lovely place for a picnic.  There were tons of picnic benches and areas along the creek for gatherings.  Overall, I think the Lair will be a super chill summer running spot to add to my rotation.  Again, I did a combination of several smaller trails along the creek, but next time when I am healthier I plan on running longer on the Bear Creek Trail, which goes a lot further.

Yesterday was Cousin Sunday with Jen Kay, and I went up to Boulder to hang out with my cousin.  We ran on the Mesa Trail at Chautauqua Park, which is an awesome place to run and will warrant a return run and its own post someday, and then ate dinner in the garden outside of her house.  All in all a nice study break from my 20 page paper about NAFTA.


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